Limited Edition Fine Art Prints



Do you want unique fine art prints on your wall and support a local nature project at the same time?

These limited prints are now for sale! 3 different sizes, printed on acryll glass museum quality or print only so you can frame it as you like. Even custom print options are available (contact us directly for more info)!

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Partnership with Natuurpunt Zemst

Our passion for the conservation of our nature is an integral part of our photography. Driven by first-hand experience witnessing the retreat of glaciers worldwide, we dedicated our mission to the fight against climate change. This undertaking is part of everything we do, including in the print orders of these works.

We are proud to have partnered with Natuurpunt Zemst, to support the local nature reserve Wormelaar/Dalemansbos.

Natuurpunt Zemst protects the most beautiful and most vulnerable pieces of nature in our hometown. The area of Wormelaar including the Dalemans Forest is with 50ha their largest project. The varied landscape with meadows, tall fruit trees, wooded edges, forest and open spaces provides shelter for many plants and animals.

The more prints you order, the more funds will go to preserve this wonderful piece of nature. For every sale, we donate 15% to Natuurpunt Zemst!

Natuurpunt Zemst



How does this work?

Choose your print

Step 1


The first step is to place an order via the webshop below.

We donate to Natuurpunt Zemst

Step 2


15% of the sale price from your print will be automatically sent to Natuurpunt Zemst.


Step 3


We ship your print to you while Natuurpunt Zemst will use your funds to support nature!



Why are we doing this?

Preserving local nature

  • will be an essential part of of the fight against climate crisis
  • will offset the footprint of your shipment allowing you to order without worry
  • will create a memento to your commitment to being part of the fight against the climate crisis

We want to

  • support the protection of Belgium’s nature through tangible actions
  • empower local groups seeking to advance conservation efforts
  • inspire global action dedicated to fighting the climate crisis
  • educate buyers on their role in the protection of our planet
  • allow our supporters to make orders with a clear conscience



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